Some film productions just can't catch a break. The long gestating remake of 'Logan's Run' is one of those productions.

Heat Vision reports that Carl Rinsch, best known for his short film 'The Gift,' has left the project to direct '47 Ronin', joining Bryan Singer ('X-Men'), Robert Schwentke ('Red') and Joseph Kosinski ('Tron Legacy') on the ever-expanding list of filmmakers who have abandoned the film. Originally a 1967 novel followed by a kitschy but endearing 1976 film, 'Logan's Run' is the classic science fiction story of a "perfect" society where everyone lives in luxury and comfort -- until they're systematically killed at the age of 30. As the title implies, our hero is Logan, who decides that ritualistic termination is not his cup of tea and literally flees for his life.

It was a strong premise forty years ago and it's a strong premise with incredible cinematic potential today. In fact, it's a premise that can support countless interpretations and styles, which makes compiling a list of interesting directors we'd like to see tackle a remake of 'Logan's Run' a little more difficult than you'd expect. However, these things must be done! Grouped by directorial style, here are our choices for who should sit in the director's chair.
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