Sandra Bullock running with van, All About Steve

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It's all too easy to besmirch romantic comedy. What was once a solid basis of Hollywood fare, a genre that bred the likes of Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, has become perhaps the most mocked genre that exists today. Modern romantic comedy is much like modern spoofs -- generally lazy regurgitating rather than clever collaboration that leads to a smart and fun adaptation of the theme. We live in a sea of 'Epic Movie' releases rather than 'Airplane,' seeing romance as an 'Ugly Truth' rather than the time 'When Harry Met Sally.'

As such, I have a tendency to mock romcoms, or at least the prevalent fare within the genre. But then reader Felicia brought up a good question. In the recent How Women Shaped Horror piece, she commented: "I have to ask, is it always necessary to put down more traditional female fare when talking about the lack of boundaries in female interests?"
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