It's happening. It's really happening. Just when it seemed as if Julie Taymor's Spider-man musical might be an elaborate joke -- a sly commentary on how comic culture was taking over or a boogeyman story to tell little kids who dream of being fiscally responsible Broadway producers when they grow up -- irrefutable proof of the show's existence has finally trickled out. Vogue has published an in-depth story on 'Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark,' which at $60 million is by far the most expensive musical Broadway has ever seen (by comparison, the musical 'Titanic' was woefully over-budget at $10 million, and in that show they sank the Titanic). The piece is complete with revealing photos by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz -- no stranger to financial pickles herself -- and the peeks behind the curtain are every bit as ridiculously opulent and insane as you might expect.
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