Fans who were disappointed with the movie 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' received some relief in the news that director Gavin Hood would not be returning for another installment. Instead, acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky('The Wrestler') will be at the helm, in spite of his long ago claim to have no interest in superhero movies -- including a Batman adaptation he was temporarily attached to. This weekend Aronofsky revealed some additional reasons for us to think the next 'X-Men' spin-off starring a solo Hugh Jackman will be unlike the last. While doing an interview with HitFix to promote his upcoming 'Black Swan,' the filmmaker stated that his Wolverine movie will be titled 'The Wolverine,' and it will be a "one-off," not a "sequel in the conventional sense."

A lack of direct ties to previous installments and storylines fits the tradition of comic books, to a certain extent, yet the logic of such a decision would also seem to require a better title. Not that Hollywood needs encouragement to continue its current favor for extra-long titles, but something to the tune of 'Wolverine: Scarlet in Glory' or even 'Wolverine Goes to Tokyo' -- the film is expected to bring the character to Japan (and Mariko Yashida?) -- would be a whole lot better. Not necessarily those admittedly cheesy suggestions, just anything with some kind of specific story title. Otherwise, if further films are to also (hopefully) be stand-alone narratives, what will they be called? 'A Wolverine'? 'This Wolverine'? 'The Logan'?
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