'Burlesque' PremiereLast night, Moviefone was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of 'Burlesque' in Hollywood, where we chatted with the stars of the highly anticipated movie-musical.

Everyone gushed about Christina Aguilera's debut performance, though the lady herself told us that she'd never give up music for movies. Meanwhile, we chatted with her co-stars, her music producer Tricky Stewart -- everyone but Cher, that is.

Red carpets can be crazy, what with the tons of reporters jockeying for position, stars arriving late and running in to the movie that is just about to start, waving as we scream their name. After being rushed past dozens of reporters by her handlers, Cher yelled, "I'll be back! I promise!" I can tell you from experience that this almost never happens. Half of us packed up and started to leave when a huge swarm of security told us she was on her way back! Check out what she had to say. That lady is a true star.

'Burlesque' opens Wed., Nov. 24.

Check out the video after the jump.
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