With Matt Reeves' recently released 'Let Me In,' the gothic horror tale 'The Woman in Black' currently lensing, and Hilary Swank's 'The Resident' on the way, Hammer Films is revamping its image with a new wave of horror titles. This makes it the perfect time for a gorgeous and ghoulish book about the biggest and best of Hammer's memorable posters to hit the shelves. Titan Books has been working with Hammer rights and archive consultant, author Marcus Hearn, on three of the film company's official books (with another on the way next year) -- including the recently released 'The Art of Hammer.'

Hearn's book is filled with hundreds of full-color images -- serious eye candy for horror and Hammer fans alike -- pulled from private collections and the studio's archives. The legendary British company's penchant for eye-catching marketing campaigns is demonstrated in page after page of iconic poster images, featuring some of horror's most memorable characters. These beautiful illustrations are also a testament to the power of painted poster art.

Hearn recently took us on a tour through Hammer history, discussing some of the famous film studio's artistic highlights -- including details about the most valuable Hammer collectibles, how he feels about Hammer's latest artwork for 'Let Me In,' and who is the studio's most famous poster girl.