Japan is always finding new and fascinating ways to creep us out. Add to that list this fembot named Geminoid-F, who made her stage debut this week where she starred alongside real-life actors who shockingly say she lacks a "human presence." While she's probably the most life-like robot you've ever laid eyes on -- and definitely has more skills than some thespians we know -- it's unlikely that this android will be replacing the long list of human actors looking for work any time soon.

Gem spent her moment in the spotlight seated the entire time -- controlled by a human (we're good for some things ... ) backstage, who guided her through the part of an android caretaker for a dying girl. In other words, no one was trying to fake the funk and trick the audience into believing that this was a real woman. Stage director Oriza Hirata advised, "It won't be that a robot replaces human beings on a drama stage, it's more as if a new type of actor has emerged in the theatrical world."

Due to her hefty price tag (over $100k) it was previously reported that hospitals and robotic researchers are more likely to pick up a Gem-bot than anyone else. But as technology advances and parts become cheaper, we may find ourselves bowing to our robot overlords sooner rather than later. Check out Gem's acting skills after the jump.
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