We may find snippets of Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis' locked in a vault on the moon in a couple of years, but for now Kino is gracing us with 'The Complete Metropolis' on DVD today and Blu-ray November 23. The North American release of the newly restored film includes 25 minutes of lost footage and Gottfried Huppertz's original score.

Lang's iconic 1927 film was sliced and diced after the movie's Berlin premiere in order to boost its commercial success. Aside from cutting a good chunk of the movie, theaters screened 'Metropolis' at the wrong frames per second, resulting in the schizophrenic speed that marks our viewing of most silent film. Later cuts of the movie changed Lang's vision completely (there's some cinephile debate about this, however). The film is the biggest and best it's ever been now, thanks to some previous reissues that restored parts of the film and 2008's discovery of lost footage. Because of this, 'Metropolis' now features better pacing, more realized characters, and a clarity and richness of subtext.
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