A few weeks ago, Fox Home Entertainment invited Cinematical to join the ranks of a small army of domestic and international media for a press day to promote the release of the 'Avatar Extended Collector's Edition.' While the initial home video version of James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster hardly snuck into stores upon its release in April, Fox went all out for this new bells-and-whistles, three-disc set, not only enlisting Cameron and producer Jon Landau for an introduction and a q&a session, but assembling participants from various creative teams on the film to discuss their participation in the making of 'Avatar.'

Not only did the daylong event offer a virtually unprecedented look inside the process of making any movie, much less Cameron's groundbreaker, it set the stage for the comprehensive bonus content that fills out discs two and three of the immersive, expansive, and perhaps exhaustive 'Extended Collector's Edition,' which is available today.
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