"Has anyone else called Twilight their reason for existence ... and really meant it?" Meet Anita, 'Twilight's self-proclaimed biggest fan. She's one of many, actually, who've entered Moviefone's new contest searching for the biggest 'Twilight' fan and biggest Harry Potter fan. Anita hasn't won the contest ... yet, mind you (she'd need to walk away with the most amount of fan votes to do that), but based on the opinion of us background observers at Cinematical, this girl either totally deserves to win the contest or totally needs to get out of her house more. Or both.

Obviously for those of us who don't feel this way about 'Twilight' (or any movie franchise), it's hard to relate to someone who says they'd easily take a bullet for any member of the cast, any day of the week. As one fellow colleague put it after watching Anita's video: "I'm trying to remember if, as a teen, I ever wanted to take a bullet for the cast of 'Breakfast Club'... I don't think so...."

Anita does look like a sweet girl, though (is she doing her best Kristen Stewart impression, or does she really sound like that -- we can't tell?), and it's nice to see someone so unbelievably passionate about something at this young age. A little too passionate? Probably. Okay, definitely. But sometimes that's not necessarily a bad thing ... until Robert Pattinson finds the words "Be Mine" splattered across his car door in blood. Let's not go there just yet.

Check out Anita's video -- as well as one of our personal favorite Harry Potter entries -- after the jump.