It's The Final Four in our Heroes vs. Villains Tournament, which means we're a single jump away from one final, no-holds-barred match-up between your all-time favorite hero and favorite villain. Will, as the image above envisions, that final round see two 'Star Wars' characters -- Han Solo and Darth Vader -- duke it out? Or, after upsetting Indiana Jones, will Christian Bale's Batman make it back-to-back wins against Harrison Ford's two most iconic characters? And how about that Hannibal Lecter hanging in there with the big boys, slicing and slithering his way to a potential spot in the finals? Does he even stand a chance against Vader, or is The Force just too weak in this one?

Things to keep in mind: When voting, take everything you know about these characters into consideration -- from how cool their one-liners are, to how creative they can be when killing an opponent. Do they wear a cool costume or carry a badass weapon? Who are you most afraid of, and who would you root for more. You can check out last week's winners -- as well as our newly updated tournament bracket -- at the bottom of this post.

Han Solo vs. Batman. Darth Vader vs. Hannibal Lecter. Begin voting ... NOW!
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