One thing we've always admired about Jon Favreau is how he approaches his films from a geek perspective. Whether it has to do with casting, shooting action sequences, or marketing the end result, the man is always thinking about the people he hopes will eventually pay to see his movie with every decision he makes. When it came time to shoot a film called 'Cowboys & Aliens', Favreau insisted it not be in 3D because it would take away from the film's old-school Western feel, thereby alienating a specific fanbase. And, now, as he doles out the first trailer for his next big summer blockbuster -- Favreau's first since shooting back-to-back 'Iron Man' movies -- he's once again thinking about his audience by teasing them with footage primarily from the first act of the film, making sure he doesn't give too much away right off the bat.

Which is something we're seeing more and more of from trailers these days. Yesterday, both 'Green Lantern' and 'Your Highness' debuted two pretty extensive trailers, chock-full of a bit more than we should probably be seeing this far in advance of their release dates. Are those days of the teaser slowly slipping away? And is that a bad thing? With 'Cowboys & Aliens', Favreau has assembled an all-star cast (Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Paul Dano) for a film that's intended to feel very much like one of those old, stranger-with-no-name Westerns, except with an alien attack thrown in to make things that much more interesting.

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