Raise your hand if you've seen 'The Swarm.' No, not 'The Bees' (although that'd earn you extra credit) but the 1978 Irwin Allen ensemble disaster film / horror flick that somehow earned the contributions of Michael Caine, Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, and a bunch of other great actors who probably got paid pretty darn well to look so darn silly. (The flick is about a swarm of killer bees, by the way. Watch the original trailer after the jump.)

Well, The Wrap informs us that 'The Swarm' is about to get the remake treatment, courtesy of producers Roy Lee ('Quarantine') and Steven Schneider, of the upcoming (and rather cool) 'Insidious'. Their director will be first-timer Ash Bolland, and they're presently out looking for a honey of a screenwriter. (Based only on that one pun ... I could write it.) One can only assume that the new version will run shorter than the original film's merciless 155 minutes. Yes, really.

And since there's next to nothing else to report at this early stage of the project, here are some more wretched puns!

Does anyone think this flick will cause a lot of buzz or will it appeal only to wasps? Ooh, they should get Sting to do the soundtrack! Will they let me into the theater if I have hives? I bet it'll play in 3-B!

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The Swarm
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