With the release of the new 'Avatar Extended Collector's Edition,' I personally have now reviewed James Cameron's record-breaking blockbuster three times, and by now, there's not a whole lot left to say. My critiques notwithstanding, you either like the film or you don't, and quite frankly no amount of analysis or deconstruction of its themes will convince you to abandon your current position and take up with the opposite camp. But regardless of its merits of a piece of entertainment, 'Avatar' is an undeniable benchmark in the technological history of moviemaking. And if you have any interest in or appreciation for the many technical or artistic challenges that filmmakers face in order to complete your favorite films, the 'Avatar' Extended Collector's Edition offers an exhaustive look at that process, whether or not Cameron's ranks among your favorites.
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A former Marine (Sam Worthington) falls in love with a native (Zoe Saldana) of a lush alien world. Read More