The first image of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd in the Pete Travis-directed remake/readaptation of the sci-fi comic series (itled simply 'Dredd') has found its way online. It seems to have been made public by Jock, the comic book artist who is also working on the film as one of its concept artists, and is, according to, a shot taken from rehearsals. So, don't judge the film by the lighting or the location, take it simply as your first look at Karl Urban as a futuristic police officer, judge, jury and executioner.

Even without proper cinematography, it's easy to see that this new Dredd is not taking the cartoonish, overly plastic approach to the costume design that Sylvester Stallone had to wear back in 1995. What do you think? Has this first image started to pique your 'Dredd' interest?

[Thanks to @Schofizzy for the tip.]
Dredd Movie Poster
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