It's safe to say that Duncan Jones' 'Moon' was one of the best films of 2009 and easily one of the best science fiction films to hit theaters in a long time. An amazing tale of isolation and mortality following the lone human operator on lunar mining colony, it still boggles the mind that such a professional, beautifully made film was the debut feature from director Duncan Jones. It's readily available on Netflix instant watch, so if you haven't watched it yet and aren't doing anything for the next two hours...

Anyway, the trailer for Jones' next film has hit and those who were worried about a sophomore slump should have have their fears assuaged. Let's not beat around the bush: 'Source Code' looks fantastic.

The set-up is classic smart sci-fi: as part of some sort of futuristic program, a soldier named Colter (Jake Gyllenhaal) finds himself reliving a devastating train accident over and over again in order to find the culprit responsible for the deadly derailing. He is aided in his investigation by a superior officer played by the lovely Vera Farmiga, and another played by Jeffrey Wright, who looks like he's got a mad scientist thing going on. Naturally, Colter develops feelings for one of the accident's victims (Michelle Monaghan) and tries to find a way to save her. It's like 'Groundhog Day' with a thriller makeover.

It's definitely a slick and exciting trailer and if the finished result is half as compelling as 'Moon,' it will be one of the must-see films of 2011. Watch the trailer after the jump.
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Source Code
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Helicopter pilot Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is part of a top-secret military operation that enables... Read More