Black Friday
movie deals make everyone happy, right? Sure, waking up early to fight against swarming crowds of savings-hungry shoppers at the mall sales doesn't sound very appealing, but stocking up on movies on the cheap is definitely sufficient motivation to brave the horde.

To help best prepare you for the onslaught of fellow shoppers and deal seekers, we've culled together the sales listings from all of the major movie retailers and included the highlights below. Before we get to the deals, though, a few things.

1) We do not guarantee the availability or price of any of the movies on this list. If they happen to be out of stock or cost differently in store, we apologize.

2) We do not receive a kickback from these retailers. We've simply picked a handful of the top stores in the US and have plucked out the best DVD and Blu-ray deals they have.

3) These are just movie deals; we'll be running similar deals on Blu-ray players, TVs and other movie-related gear later in the week.

That's about it as far as the technicalities go, really. Take this as your shopping guide primer, put on some reliable and comfortable running shoes and good luck this Friday.
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