Burlesque Unscripted Interview with Cher and Christina AguileraWhat do you get when two of the most famous music divas and co-stars of the new film 'Burlesque,' Cher and Christina Aguilera, interview each other? Not as much flying fur and attitude as you might think.

It turns out these two chanteuses get along famously, and these lovely ladies tell us everything from what attracted them to the movie to their most uncomfortable moment during filming.

For Aguilera, 'Burlesque' has additional importance as her feature film acting debut -- which she made alongside cinema heavyweights Cher and Stanley Tucci. She reveals she was at once both nervous and excited to undertake such a daunting project. But as Cher tells us, Aguilera wasn't the only one learning on set.

And no interview with Cher is complete without talking about THOSE clothes. Watch to hear Cher describe her favorite outfit -- which she wore to retaliate against the Academy when it didn't nominate her for Best Actress for 'Mask.'

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