Were you blown away by the extended animated sequence in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' explaining what exactly the Deathly Hallows are? Even in a film brimming with eye candy, it is such a striking and evocative sequence that it was one of the first things people could be heard gushing over as they were walking out of the theater. As it turns out, those four minutes of gorgeous animation were overseen not by director David Yates, but by Swiss director Ben Hibon.

So if you were as impressed by Hibon's contribution to the world of 'Harry Potter' as we were, you'll be glad to know that he will soon be making the transition from animated shorts to feature films with 'Pan,' a reimagining of 'Peter Pan' that was originally optioned by New Line as a potential project for genre maestro Guillermo del Toro.
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