I resisted the 'Harry Potter' craze for as long as I could.

I refused to go near bookstores around release dates, I scoffed at the notion of reading something intended for a younger audience, and I flat out refused every offer to see a 'Harry Potter' flick. But on a boring Saturday night, nine years after the first movie was released, I finally caved.

With my boyfriend out of town for the weekend, I called up friends to see what Saturday plans were looking like. One group was heading into Manhattan and another small group had headed out to Atlantic City earlier in the day. I had just missed my opportunity to ride along.

My last option was a group of male friends, and their plans were all about 'Potter.' I pondered the situation for a few minutes before I finally decided to give in and give this whole 'Harry Potter' thing a whirl. I figured the worst that could happen was I'd hate the film and finally be able to tell people why I had an aversion to the series.
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