Awhile back, we may have told you about how Paramount was staging a straight-to-video sequel to 'Mean Girls' without Tina Fey's involvement (she wrote the script for the first one and starred), and without any of the original mean girls. Well, the trailer has just arrived, making sure to sandwich a bunch of scenes from the first 'Mean Girls' into the beginning in order to help you remember the film this sequel is trying so hard to imitate (except it's failing miserably).

Yup, all the direct-to-video sequel ingredients are there. Casting a bunch of unknowns who kinda, sorta look like the original cast? Check. Bringing back the one "name" from the first film who actually needed the easy paycheck? Check. (Oh, it's Tim Meadows.) Creating a storyline that's almost an exact replica of the original film, but with a few extra sight gags and vomit jokes because this script is in no way as smart and original as Tina Fey's? Check.

'Mean Girls 2' arrives on shelves this February. Check out the trailer after the jump, because we know you're secretly itching to take a tiny little peek.

[photo credit: Paramount Famous Productions]

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