Who will play the next Superman? Director Zack Snyder has indicated that his film will focus on the "early days" of Superman, though it's wide open for speculation as to what, exactly, that means. Is it Superboy? Clark Kent: Cub Reporter? Superman: Post-'Smallville' Stress Syndrome? Last week, Deadline claimed that a "wide net" was being cast to find an actor to play the title role, someone between the ages of 28-32, and that hundreds of actors would be considered. It was also asserted that the filmmakers were "open" to the idea of creating a star, either a complete unknown or a lesser-known TV star. Now we're hearing that Matthew Goode, co-star of Snyder's 'Watchmen,' is already the front-runner.

According to Movienewz, Goode, who stands 6 feet 2 inches tall, is the right height for the role, which they say is what's "most" important. (?!) Somehow, we don't think the selection hinges mostly on height, so this rumor could be rubbish. However, it does introduce another element of intrigue to the casting process, which could drag on for months; namely, could an English actor play a beloved American icon?
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