We Chat With the Cast of 'Tangled''Tangled' is Pixar's retelling of the classic Rapunzel story and it's just gorgeous. It's also Disney's first PG princess tale -- not to mention its 50th animated movie.

Moviefone recently got a chance to chat with stars Mandy Moore, who plays Rapunzel, Zachary Levi, who plays her rouge prince, Flynn Rider, Broadway star Donna Murphy, who plays her mother, and the directors of the film, Nathan Greno and Byron Howard. They gave us the scoop on the love story, the adorable sidekicks, the technical feats of derring-do and being the evil step-mom. Check out our video interviews after the jump.

'Tangled' opens in theaters on Nov. 24.
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When the kingdom's most-wanted bandit, Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi), hides in a convenient tower, he immediately... Read More