Master Twitterers and Twitteresses can collaborate with Tim Burton on a new story using 127 characters or less. He posted the first passage of a new tale about his beloved character Stainboy on Twitter. Social media scribes can post their own follow-up narrative with the hopes of being selected for the final pass in a short story that will finally take shape on December 6.

Burton's story starts with: "Stainboy, using his obvious expertise, was called in to investigate mysterious glowing goo on the gallery floor #BurtonStory." The character has appeared in Burton's macabre collection of stories, 'The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories,' and later became an animated short series in 2000. The six episodes ended, but Stainboy lives on.

There are two rules to Burton's version of the age-old game, exquisite corpse: Tweet as often as you like and keep it clean. You can check out the full details on his website. So far only one follow-up has been selected, but it appears that bazillions have been submitted. While you're wasting time on Twitter before the Thanksgiving holiday kicks in, say hi to us too.
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