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Kudos to Martin Campbell's 'Green Lantern' film for not being embarrassed of its comic book roots. There's no disguising it -- the trailer is chock full of funky aliens and cosmic derring-do, and, according to our own Todd Gilchrist, it's "a very big movie." Good! There's often too much hand-wringing about whether or not movie audiences will accept some of comics' more outlandish concepts. Bryan Singer reined in the X-Men, Tim Story turned Galactus into a space cloud, and Jon Favreau still seems hesitant to introduce The Mandarin into Iron Man's world.

These are comic book movies, and, in a way, we know what we're signing up for. Ridiculous is a-okay, as long as it's cool. If audiences can accept a stretchy guy, an invisible lady, a rocky lug, a man that can catch his own skin on fire, and a metallic alien on a surfboard all in the same film, then I think we're okay with Galactus being a humanoid cosmic giant, and not a cloud. Not to single out 'Rise of the Silver Surfer,' but it does make for an interesting comparison. Story's space-based superhero film hid behind safe (embarrassing) humor, and he killed a potential franchise by not delivering the goods where it counts. 'Green Lantern' is going whole hog, and quibbles about Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan become secondary to the absolute fanboy elation at seeing the Green Lantern Corps and Oa brought to life.

So ... who are all these strange characters in the trailer?
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