Obviously we like to leave the critical, thoughtful reactions to last night's 'Dancing with the Stars' finale to our friends over at TV Squad, but you movie fans will get a bit of a kick out of seeing Jennifer Grey finally return to her 'Dirty Dancing' roots for her final dance of the evening before voting opened up.

Grey, a clear favorite to win the entire competition (seriously - if you thought they were using camera tricks or body doubles in 'Dirty Dancing', think again -- this chick can dance), has been amazing to watch each week, especially considering the multiple neck surgeries she's had over the years to help correct an injury she sustained during a car accident awhile back. For her final dance last night with partner Derek Hough (channeling the late Patrick Swayze in a cool white t-shirt and blue jeans), the two danced to a version of 'Do You Love Me', which began with Grey holding a watermelon in what looked to be the exact outfit she wore in that iconic scene.

Which iconic scene? Well if you don't know by now, then we're totally sticking you in the corner (but don't worry, we posted it after the jump as a reminder). When asked why she didn't choose 'I've Had the Time of My Life' for her final dance, Grey simply said the song was reserved only for her and Swayze. Check out her final DWTS dance, and the scene from 'Dirty Dancing' that inspired it, after the jump.
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