'Best in Blu-ray' is a weekly column that runs on Tuesday and examines the week's new Blu-ray releases while focusing on recommending titles for both the Blu-ray veteran and newbie.

For Blu-ray Vets:
'America Lost and Found: The BBS Story' (The Criterion Collection)
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: Seven movies on six discs, ranging from great to "nice try," that capture a sliver of the American film revolution from 1968-1972.
Films Included:'Head,' 'Easy Rider,' 'Five Easy Pieces,' 'Drive, He Said,' 'A Safe Place,' 'The Last Picture Show,' 'The King of Marvin Gardens.'
New Special Features: All transfers are new and restored. Most films include new video pieces, along with archival material. A 114-page book with photos and critical essays is included. (Specifics can be found at the Criterion site.)
Transfer/Audio: Variable, as you'd expect with this many movies involved. Overall, DVD Beaver concludes that the films are "looking and sounding better than they ever have for home theater enjoyment."
Replay Value: Some of the films are easy to watch and enjoy multiple times and may already be in your collection; we're thinking 'Easy Rider' and 'The Last Picture Show', especially. If you're a hard-core film love, however, you want to understand films in their context, and this box set, assembled from the point of view of a production company that burned brightly for a handful of years before burning out, is invaluable. For bargain hunters, the set, which includes copious extras, delivers very good bang for the buck.
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