'The King's Speech,'
one of the most talked about movies of the season, rolls into theaters on Friday with legitimate Oscar buzz. Critics are saying that the film, about King George VI (Colin Firth) and his attempt to overcome his stammer, could walk away with the Best Picture prize in February.

But will it actually happen? We sat down with Colin Firth to get the scoop on the film, during which he talked about awards buzz, perfecting George's stammer and his relationship with Geoffrey Rush, who plays George's speech therapist, Lionel.

We also talked to Firth's co-star Helena Bonham Carter, who gave us some interesting tidbits about working with her husband, Tim Burton (hint: she's turned down roles from him before), and whether she plans to work with him again.

Check out our exclusive video interviews, plus our chat with director Tom Hooper, after the jump.
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The King's Speech
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England's Prince Albert (Colin Firth) must ascend the throne as King George VI, but he has a speech impediment.... Read More