In 'Burlesque,'Christina Aguilera is Ali, a small town gal who heads for Los Angeles looking for her big break. She's got a photo of her dead mother in her suitcase, a pair of uncomfortable-looking heels on her feet and a pair of pipes that belie her tiny frame. She stumbles upon The Burlesque Lounge, a decadent place where costumed ladies lip sync to classic songs and perform choreographed dances for a cool crowd and decides that is the one and only place for her in all of L.A. She becomes friends with the bartender (Cam Gigandet) and, because she's so darn plucky, she begins serving drinks to patrons when she sees that the waitress is off her game. With her high-heeled foot wedged in the door, she bides her time to become a dancer.

'Burlesque' takes that old L.A. story and throws in some romantic drama (Gigandet and the best product placement I've ever seen); a boozy, bitchy star (Kristen Bell); the club's growing financial troubles; a skeevy businessman (Eric Dane) who has a variety of tempting offers on the table; and the glam goddess former dancer who owns the joint, a tough broad who shows her girls how to put on makeup and gives them advice and doesn't take any crap. And that, my friends, is Cher.
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