Cher, Nicolas Cage in 'Moonstruck'

Aside from marking the film debut of Christina Aguilera, 'Burlesque' heralds the onscreen return of Cher, whose last major movie role was in 1999's 'Tea with Mussolini' (though she spoofed herself delightfully in 2003's 'Stuck on You'). A completely unique performer and bonafide superstar, Cher has had amazing success as a pop diva, television star and movie actress since she started out 45 years ago as half of a "hippie" singing duo (and showbiz marriage).

Though she has proved her mettle as a straight-up actress in several memorable roles, big-screen stardom didn't seem to be in the cards early on. Her first big film was 1967's 'Good Times,' a silly movie-parody musical in which she and Sonny Bono appeared as themselves. (It was also the movie debut of director William Friedkin, who'd go on to helm 'The French Connection' and 'The Exorcist.') Her first dramatic role – as a smart-aleck runaway -- was in 1969's 'Chastity,' a somewhat rickety vehicle written and produced by Sonny. These days, of course, both films are worth a fortune in '60s camp-nostalgia gold.
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