Well, here we are: The Dark Knight vs. The Dark Lord. It's almost fitting that Batman would face Darth Vader in the final round. Both men wear all black costumes with black capes. Both are trying to hide from their troubled pasts; battling demons that were planted in their souls long ago. One man is out to protect his city, while another simply wants to rule the galaxy. A true hero vs. a true villain. You might not feel like these two represent the greatest movie hero and villain of all time, but you can't deny that this match-up defines the times we're living in. A new generation that lives each year as if it's the only year that ever existed, versus an older generation that takes pride in where they came from and respects its movie-loving origins.

If you've been with us through any of the nine previous rounds of this competition, then you know how we roll. Don't simply pick the character you think would win in a fight. This tournament has never been about that. Instead, choose the character who you feel best embodies the true spirit of a movie hero or villain. Before you head after the jump to vote, we'd like to thank all of you for making this our most successful tournament to date. As always, we'll be back in a couple of months with our next tournament, which is being planned as we speak ... and it's awesome.

The Dark Knight vs. The Dark Lord. Voting on our epic final match-up begins right ... now!
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