What do you do with a slow news week? You talk about 'Ghostbusters 3' rumors, of course!

This week's rumor comes courtesy of What's Playing, who have one of those "I Totally Have A Friend At Sony And I Gave Him A Call And He Told Me Everything He Knows" stories. In this case, it's the news that Bill Hader and Will Forte are being mentioned as potential new recruits for the third 'Ghostbusters' adventure. There is also mention of Anna Faris being looked at for another role and that full-fledged casting for "young male and female actors aged 18-30" will soon begin in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

If you're thinking that a lot of this feels pretty obvious, you're right. The studio's list of potential new Ghostbusters probably contains the name of every young comic talent working today and Hader (he of 'Superbad,' 'Saturday Night Live' and amazing Daniel Day Lewis impressions) and Forte (also of 'Saturday Night Live,' as well as star of the underrated 'MacGruber') are most assuredly on that list. Surely the extremely funny and frequently underutilized Faris is, too. And of course casting is ready to begin! The movie has a director and a script and the studio hopes to get production rolling by May.
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