- ComingSoon has gotten their hands on the teaser poster for The Weinstein Company's 'Apollo 18,' which is about the secret discovery of aliens on the moon. Interesting observation, if it's about a covert NASA mission, why is everything in Russian on the poster?

- After pulling it from its April 29th, 2011 release, reportedly for additional photography, Universal has now set their prequel to John Carpenter's 'The Thing,' which is still titled just 'The Thing,' for October 14th.

- This coming January the Sundance Film Festival will feature a brand new premiere section for documentaries, which Sundance Institute honcho Robert Redford says will honor "the continued evolution of nonfiction film."

- Mark Wahlberg will star as the roguish treasure hunter Nathan Drake in David O. Russell's adaptation of the PS3 game 'Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.' Wahlberg also says that Russell would like to cast Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro as his uncle and father, respectively, which are two roles Russell will be inventing for the movie.

- Disney fans will be overjoyed to see how deep game developer Junction Point dove into the studio's archives for what characters and settings to include in the upcoming game 'Disney Epic Mickey.' Check it out:
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