Just in time for the Thanksgiving feast, your cineplex offers some new sizzling, saucy treats for grownups, as well as some tasty toons for those at the kids' table.

New and Noteworthy: 'Burlesque'

Starring:Christina Aguilera, Cher, Cam Gigandet, Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell
Directed by:Steve Antin
What's It About? Xtina stars as an aspiring singer/dancer who gets her big break in the Pussycat Dolls-style revue at a neo-burlesque club owned by Cher. Bell is the bitchy rival, 'Dancing With The Stars' pro Julianne Hough is the nice girl who helps Aguilera, Gigandet ('Twilight') is the poor love interest, Eric 'McSteamy' Dane is the rich love interest, Tucci is the stage-savvy mentor and Alan Cumming is (of course) the sexually ambiguous emcee.
Why Should You See It? It's Aguilera's first dramatic film role and Cher's first movie in ages. It's an old-fashioned movie musical of the kind hardly anyone makes anymore. There should be no shortage of camp, whether that's something you revel in or cackle at. Did we mention Cher? Well, we did, but she's officially a force of nature now, so ignore her at your peril.
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