In the history of film, there has never been another actor quite like Jack Lemmon. He was the comic cohort of Walter Matthau, Billy Wilder's muse, and easily one of the most talented actors of his time (or any other). His work was the definition of classic American manhood, and on this Black Friday, the most holy of capitalist days, we immediately think back to some of Lemmon's most lasting works -- the films that had the nerve to challenge the modern myth of The American Dream.

So when you're done with the malls and the crowds, for this installment of Actors We Miss we thought you might like to take a moment to remember Mr. Lemmon, not only for his comedic talent and heart-warming characters, but also for the films that challenged the demise of morality and the rise of capitalism -- if nothing else, it might make you feel better to rail against the system before you get that credit card bill next month.
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