As expected this time of year, Hollywood got its movie week off to an early start in order to capitalize on the Thanksgiving weekend, doling out shootouts, singing, and romance both kid-friendly and adults-only in an effort to appease every possible demographic. And I didn't even mention the next big awards juggernaut... (Hint: it's a British period piece.)

Disney took the long-told story of Rapunzel's flowing locks and fit it into their trademark princess-comedy-adventure-musical mold, and yours truly was pleasantly surprised by the end result: "The usual princess pattern has been treated to a visual and verbal polish, and while the end result may not be an instant classic worthy of ranking alongside ['Beauty and the Beast,' 'Aladdin,' 'The Lion King,' etc.], it's certainly a more satisfying showcase of derring-do, sweet romance and musical numbers in-between than we've seen from the Mouse House in quite some time."
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