Welcome to Where Everyone Has Gone Before, the weekly column where I continue my film education before your very eyes by seeking out and watching all of the movies I should have seen by now. I will first judge the movie before I've watched it, based entirely on its reputation (and my potentially misguided thoughts). Then I will give the movie a fair chance and actually watch it. You will laugh at me, you may condemn me, but you will never say I didn't try!

The Film:
'The Sound of Music' (1965), Dir. Robert Wise

Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, Richard Haydyn and Peggy Wood.

Why I Haven't Seen It Until Now:
The truth? I've actually seen 'The Sound of Music.' The harsher truth? I was twelve years old when I saw it. The harshest truth? The twelve year old me hated it with a blinding, powerful, fiery passion unrivaled by the strength of a thousand suns. The final truth? As clearly as I remember that seething hatred, I don't remember the actual film at all, only the vaguest details. Now that I'm older and maybe slightly wiser and certainly less of a complete and total moron, it's time to give this classic a fair shake.
The Sound of Music Movie Poster
The Sound of Music
In Theaters on March 10, 1965

A tuneful, heartwarming story, it is based on the real life story of the Von Trapp Family singers, one... Read More

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