As a devoted fan of both the 'Scream' and 'Final Destination' franchises, the latest installments are two of the most highly anticipated releases of 2011. But, as much as I'm looking forward to 'Scream 4' on April 15th and to 'Final Destination 5' on August 26th, there's no denying the fact that 'Scream 3' and 'The Final Destination' just weren't very good. This is going to be a battle of redemption for each series and while our fingers are crossed both will exceed expectations, the horror film sequel odds are not in their favor.

Battle 1: Directors & Writers

'Scream 4'
From the moment 'Scream 4' was announced, that seemed to be a likely winner. Why would Wes Craven return to a beloved franchise ten years later if he didn't have a viable reason to do so? Originally, the answer was that he did have the reason to do so and it was likely because someone came up with a good story that made rebooting the franchise a worthy investment. After following the production process from beginning to end, hopes were still high, but then 'My Soul to Take' arrived and ... yeah.
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Scream 4
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