We've written about 'Tales From Beyond the Pale' a number of times here on Cinematical, so hopefully everyone is familiar with it by now, but in case you aren't, here's the skinny: Created by Glass Eye Pix ('House of the Devil,' 'I Sell the Dead' and many more great indie horror flicks), 'Tales From Beyond the Pale' is a series of ten, half-hour long "radio plays for the digital age," each written and directed by a noteworthy name in the horror game and voiced by some of the coolest character actors in the business.

This week's episode, titled 'The Hole Digger,' comes from Glass Eye Pix honcho Larry Fessenden ('Wendigo,' 'The Last Winter'), stars James LeGros and Kevin Corrigan (both of 'The Last Winter') and features a plot synopsis that sounds like a dead ringer for the kind of horror novel you kickback and read on a warm summer's night:

"It was the summer that everything changed, that summer in Cape Cod when me and my brother would lie awake at night in abject terror, listening to the sound of a hole being dug down in the dunes in front of our house. Whether it was for a grave or a treasure, it changed our lives for good."
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