First the good news: we're not here to tell you that Alan Parker's 1982 classic 'Pink Floyd: The Wall' is being remade.

Now the bad news: the project we're about to share sounds almost as contrived.

According to Deadline, producer Andy Harries ('The Queen') aims to make a film based on the recording of "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1)." More specifically, it will be about the school teacher who allowed his pupils to be recorded for the now-famous song, only to be fired for it later on. So while this fact-based anecdote could make for an interesting enough movie, Mr. Harries sort of ruins it by calling the project "'Dead Poets Society' meets 'School of Rock.'" Because that's the tone we surely think of when that great, angry song comes on the radio.

Deadline also notes that Harries does not yet have the rights to the Pink Floyd song. If he wants to win over the prickly Roger Waters, he better come up with something a bit more clever than "'Dead Poets Society' meets 'School of Rock.'" More on this project as it comes along.
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