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Are the Disney Princesses a thing of the past?

Though the dress-swathed ladies of royalty are sure to still sweep in and charm the hearts of young fans at Disney World and Disneyland, and live on in merchandise, reports descended last week that Disney was ready to move beyond the fairy tale world of romance and princesses on the screen. Pixar chief Ed Catmull had said: "Films and genres do run a course. ... They may come back later because someone has a fresh take on it ... but we don't have any other musicals or fairy tales lined up." As such, 'Tangled' would be the last princess-based fairytale world to come out of Disney for the foreseeable future.

As legions rued or cheered this development, Catmull headed to Disney's Facebook page to offer up the following "correction" -- "A headline in today's LA Times erroneously reported that the Disney fairy tale is a thing of the past, but I feel it is important to set the record straight that they are alive and well at Disney and continue this week with 'Tangled,' a contemporary retelling of a much loved story. We have a number of projects in development with new twists that audiences will be able to enjoy for many years to come."
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