The Top Film Events of the Week is a weekly column that goes live on Mondays and showcases some of best film events currently taking place around the country

There are few things we love as much as the holidays, not the least of which because it's during this time that our benevolent overlords at Cinematical give us drones a few extra days to relax and enjoy the company of other human beings. But the other reason we really like this time of year is because theaters start showing holiday-themed films – and not just the obvious ones. Or, well, if they're obvious, at least they're not necessarily conventional (anytime you can potentially catch 'It's a Wonderful Life' and 'Die Hard' in the same week in celebration of the Christmas season, it's a good thing).

At any rate, check out this week's picks for films and film-related events taking place around the country. But we would like to remind you to please leave comments and send in emails with any suggestions you may have for events, screenings, or other opportunities film fans may have to share with others in their celebration of the medium. Also, when and if you attend any of the events listed below, please let us know about your experiences, and let the organizers know where you found out about it!