Oh, Michael Bay... Only a year and a half ago, the bash-em, smash-em director was ranting to and fro about the crappiness of 3-D. In April of 2009, he said: "I think 3-D is going to be a fad. I personally don't like 3-D. The glasses impair your peripheral vision. If the studios want to push any technology, it should be IMAX. That's much more immersive." A few months later, he followed that up with: "I prefer the flat screen. I'm not jumping to do 3-D at all -- it's a pain in the neck to shoot it and I actually like the flat image. I've heard that some people can't even see 3-D and, moreover, that a major side effect of watching it is feeling exhausted. Can you imagine how you'd feel watching one of my movies in 3-D?"

Just a year later, we learned that we wouldn't have to imagine how we'd feel with Michael Bay in 3-D for long -- 'Transformers 3' was being shot with 3-D cameras. And this was more than just some begrudging agreement with 3-D hungry studios because, apparently, Bay has turned from anti-3-D dude into James Cameron Jr.
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