Whoever came up with the name Cyber Monday for today's consumer whoring adventures spent too much time in a chatroom asking "A/S/L?" sometime in the early '90s. You won't need an excuse like this awkwardly coined "holiday" to purchase the badassery that is otherwise known as Defiant Damsel. She creates "pop culture and other silliness, one stitch at a time" with her movie-centric cross-stitch tableaux.

Made in a smoke/pet/Ewok free home, these stitches depict a few of our favorite movie quotes and images in Home Sweet Home-style cross-stitch. It's the kind of embroidery you won't feel guilty about hanging over your toilet, or litter box, or on your refrigerator, since the Damsel provides magnetization for some of her designs. Iconic lines from films like 'Office Space' ("Damn it feels good to be a gangster."), 'American Psycho' ("I have to return some video tapes.") and 'Pulp Fiction' ("English mother f*cker, do you speak it?") abound, all neatly framed and in time for the holidays. The Damsel has also whipped up some wicked portraits of everyone's favorite head case, Donnie Darko, as well as the gothically-coiffed Edward Scissorhands.

The Damsel takes custom orders and offers patterns for sale so you can embarrass yourself by trying to recreate these pieces on your own. She also runs a blog where she hosts giveaways and other stuff. Check out a few of her goodies in the gallery below.

[via Thrillist]
Pulp Fiction
Based on 24 critics

Two hit men (John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson), a boxer and a crime boss meet their fates. Read More

January 6, 2017
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Edward Scissorhands
Based on 19 critics

A deceased inventor's creation becomes a celebrity when a cheery suburbanite brings him home. Read More

December 10, 2016
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Office Space
Based on 30 critics

A white-collar worker (Ron Livingston) rebels against corporate drudgery. Read More

American Psycho
Based on 35 critics

An insane '80s-era yuppie (Christian Bale) indulges in kinky sex and mayhem. Read More

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January 13, 2017
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Donnie Darko
Based on 21 critics

An unusual teenager (Jake Gyllenhaal) listens to a 6-foot-tall rabbit. Read More

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