Welcome to Cinematical Movie Club, your weekly chance to watch great films and chat about them with fellow readers every Monday night. This week's pick: Disney's princess-filled classic: 'Sleeping Beauty.'

When it comes to Disney Princesses, let's face it: Aurora is pretty lame. Love her though we may, she's not exactly a strong figure to fuel the world of 'Sleeping Beauty.' In fact, for a lead character, she has a shockingly small amount of time on-screen, with Wikipedia measuring it as fewer than 18 minutes, if you don't count her time as a baby. Eighteen minutes! She's also the lady who killed Disney's princess world altogether for 30 years, until 'The Little Mermaid' brought the form back in 1989.

Nevertheless, 'Sleeping Beauty' is now one of the most respected offerings in the Disney canon. Though Aurora's face (perhaps unfairly) keeps the story alive in Disney merchandise, the enduring love and respect are due to the world around the princess -- the artistry, supporting roles and perfectly villainous Maleficent.
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