Johnny Depp has finally provided a partial answer to the question that's plagued all of us for what seems like an eternity, namely, "Jack Sparrow: What's his deal?"

Depp has had and continues to have an almost incomparably brilliant career, but it wouldn't surprise me if the weird, fey, rum-loving rapscallion at the helm of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise turns out to be the role for which he is the most vividly remembered. But the character is so strange, so totally singular, that we have surely all wondered how he came to pass: was he purely Depp's creation?

How did Disney, which had invested upwards of $140 million dollars in the original film, let him get away with all that slurring and shambling and sexually ambiguous mannerisms? They were trying to build a blockbuster franchise, dammit; they needed an action hero pirate, not some sort of strung-out Bohemian fashion model pirate.
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