I have never read a 'Twilight' book. And I have never seen a 'Twilight' movie.

This decision to avoid the series has been on purpose. My mother is a huge 'Twi-hard,' as fans of the books and movies call themselves; she even referred to her love of 'Twilight' in a speech she gave to 800 people at our synagogue this year. My little sister, who hates reading like a vegan hates cheesecake, devoured the books and has a Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart poster on her door. The DVDs are always on the living room table at my parents' house.

So why have I avoided 'Twilight'? One big reason is that I grew up with 'Harry Potter,' and my loyalty to that franchise has always reigned supreme. I know it is possible to like both (What?!) and that the two have very little in common, aside from Pattinson. Plus, author Stephenie Meyer seems like a wacked-out version of the queen of kids' fiction, Jo Rowling. (I know, I know, shun the non-believer.)

Another reason I've avoided the series, truthfully, is that I've heard 'Twilight' is ... well, stupid. I've heard that the books are poorly written, that the female character, Bella, is a mockery of modern feminism, that the love story sets a bad example for teenagers and that the acting in the films is as wooden as a 'Potter' broomstick. But I've never taken the time to see for myself.