Everyone's been loving, hating, or loving to hate the idea of the 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' stage musical, but there's also another production coming (very) soon that may force some (or all) of the '80s generation to pause and think, "Yeah, that movie actually could make for a half-decent musical! And it doesn't need superheroes!"

The film we're discussing is, of course, 1983's 'A Christmas Story,' which was based on the very quaint and charming works of author Jean Shepherd and continues to become one of the most widely-adored holiday movies, well, ever. At this point 'A Christmas Story' may be right up there with the likes of 'It's a Wonderful Life' and the original 'Miracle on 34th Street.' (Fine, and 'Christmas Vacation.' Everyone loves that goofy flick.)

Fans of the film -- and who isn't? -- will be pleased to learn that little Ralphie himself is on board as a producer of the 'Christmas Story' stage play, and he's certainly no stranger to that side of show business. Peter Billingsley will always be remembered as the sweet-natured, blue-eyed kid actor, but he's also gone on to become quite the prolific filmmaker in his own right; his productions include 'Swingers,' 'Made,' 'Zathura,' and 'Iron Man.' (Yeah, he's tight with Jon Favreau, so what?)
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