BenjiBenji, the canine star of an Academy Award-nominated film, will be brought back to life in a reboot tailored to young consumers moviegoers, according to Variety. The dream is to find a suitable stray through a rescue organization, thus plucking a lucky young dog out of a pound and making him (or her) a star.

Brandon Camp, son of 'Benji' filmmaker Joe Camp Jr., will write, direct and produce. While he feels that the time is right for a reboot from "a business point of view," he insists that he's most interested in bringing the story of a heartfelt "underdog" (his word, not ours) to the big screen. Flying in the face of (recent) conventional wisdom that has seen dogs most often portrayed by computers ('Bolt') or a combination of animal, computer graphics, and human voices ('Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore'), the upcoming 'Benji' picture will be live-action. Can a movie about the "emotional journey" of a dog possibly work in today's movie marketplace?
In Theaters on October 17th, 1974

A doctor's (Peter Breck) kids bring home a stray shaggy dog who later saves them from kidnappers. Read More

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