That Movie Exists?! is a monthly series on movies that sound too incredible to be real -- but much to our delight, they are. This month: amputee kung fu movie 'The Crippled Masters.'

In the already exaggerated world of kung fu cinema, few films can top the bizarre spectacle and cinematic train wreck that is 1979's 'The Crippled Masters,' the tale of two amputee fighters who unite to exact vengeance on the crime lord that disabled them.

The use of disabled fighters has been seen before -- 'Masters' was inspired by 'Crippled Avengers' aka 'Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms' -- but the roles in previous films were played by non-disabled actors. 'Masters' goes a step further, placing Frankie Shum, a thalidomide baby born with no arms, and Jackie Conn, whose complications during childbirth left him without the use of his legs, as the protagonists in this film that is part Bruce Lee, part 'Three Stooges.'
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